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A Sustainable Mission

Nearly a century has passed since enlightened pioneer’s first dedicated their lives to spirulina research. Now, Green Farm, LLC is devoted to their message and eager to help share their knowledge with the world. 

Spirulina is a highly nutritious, low calorie food source whose production benefits the environment.  With the projected overpopulation of our planet. humanity’s current food sources cannot be sustained without damaging the environment and decreasing nutritious quality.  

We need to change. We believe spirulina farming is an important part of the solution.

Years ago, I was inspired by the writings of Christopher Hills and Hiroshi Nakamur and working to develop sustainable farming became part of my journey. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and wisdom of those who who came before me.

I founded Green Farm, LLC to be a proactive entity that expresses selflessness, discernment and ethics.  We work hard to remain knowledgeable and make practical steps towards positive change for the global community.

I invite you to join our community. Come visit, volunteer or apprentice. Together, we can make a difference.

– Valentina Centrone, Founder


“I concluded that the best way for me to realize the dream of developing a new  food source would be to do so in cooperation with the friends I had made in America”

– Hiroshi Nakamura,

SPIRULINA: food for a hungry world

Educational Opportunities

” A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” – Father James Keller


Farm Study

At the example of Jean-Paul Jourdan in France, who spent part of his life working on low-cost techniques in farming Spirulina; Greenfarm LLC strives to illustrate to farmers that this type of farming is accessible. We provide the Mother Culture and Biotechnologies to your location with only goal being to help the producers become self-sufficient in the household or their community with Spirulina production.

If you are already involved in farming or have other means of making use of Spirulina, and you are interested in knowing how it could be a Spirulina producer, please contact us.


On the Farm

The closer to the Equator your farm is located the better your Spirulina culture will perform in terms of production output. 

In Half Moon Bay, California, while the conditions are not optimal, we cultivate a Spirulina strain that is good for a variable weather.

We are looking for voluteers to join us in the harvesting and the daily procedures of our Operation. 


Volunteer at Green Farm

Join us in our beautiful journey in Spirulina training now !

Volunteering FAQ

Learn more about volunteering in California with Green Farm

We’re happy to have your apprenticeship last for as long as you’re able to stay and thrive at Green Farm. International apprentices must have a visa that is current for the length of their stay.

Green Farm provides full accomodation in an RV and house close to the property.  The house is home to full time Green Farm staff but has a guest room and bathroom. Your exact location will be subject to availability. Complimentary wifi, breakfast and dinner are provided.  

We work on the farm seven days a week from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Your days off will be scheduled based on your arrival date and the current staff schedule. Your initial training will be spread across different topics, such as, maintenance, culture, harvesting and storage.

Green Farm staff will provide transportation to and from your accomodation to the farm. Public transportation is available directly from your accommodation.

Anyone who has an interest in sustainable living, vegan food or agriculture.

Half Moon Bay, California

San Francisco is easily accessible via public transportation and offers limitless opportunities for explanation and culture. The area has wonderful beaches and natural parks with majestic views!

Just bring your joy, passion, and desire to learn.

Danu Spirulina - Coming Spring 2020

Danu Spirulina products are hydroponically cultivated in beautiful state of California. We harvest in small batches to offer you both an artisan experience and the highest quality Spirulina so all our customers thrive.

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