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Spirulina for Mental Health

Spirulina has been long clouted for its panacea-like potential and is now being seriously researched as a mental health therapy. It contains all the essential

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So Fresh and So Green

Greenfarm LLC is proud to announce its participation in both the Pescadero Grown Community Farmers’ Market and in the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets. We

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Immunotherapy Warp Speed

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that, worldwide, 3–5 million cases of severe illness and 250,000–500,000 deaths each year can be attributed to seasonal

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Algae for Sustainable Systems

Closed-cycle, controlled environmental systems are not only rare but incredibly complex to design, perfect and maintain. With the help of algae, Solar Aquafarms in Southern

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Full-Spectrum Power

A recent review article published in the Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics showcases the single cell protein Spirulina. Having been utilized by cultures past

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Danu, Divine Inspiration

Since Greenfarm’s conception, the triple goddess Danu has been a primary source of inspiration and guidance. Celtic mythology allows us to explore the antiquities of

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Danu Spirulina - Coming Spring 2020

Danu Spirulina products are hydroponically cultivated in beautiful state of California. We harvest in small batches to offer you both an artisan experience and the highest quality Spirulina so all our customers thrive.

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