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We envision better world for our future. A world where more people are healthy, well nourished and thriving. We believe the tools to make our vision a reality are found in the nutrients provided by Mother Earth. Our purpose is to raise awareness and bring nutrient rich products into the hands of all.

Spirulina has the potential to improve the quality of life and well-being  on this planet. GreenFarm, LLC is made of people who joined their technical knowledge and skills around the common goal of bringing this ancient and fruitful microalgae into the hands of consumers.

From India to Vietnam, Spirulina has been studied and broadly introduced into the Human Medicine. Over the past year,  our team has studied the Algae Farming research from biotech organizations in Southeast Asia and work to implement these practices into our California farm.



Valentina Centrone

Valentina is the founder, visionary and thought leader behind Green Farm, LLC. Though she comes from a small town in the Italian countryside, Valentina was eager to share her passion for nutrition and lifestyle with the world.

While earning her degree in Veterinary medicine at Padua University, Valentina became appalled by the conditions and lack of wellness of animals bred for consumption. She concluded that animal husbandry is not only unnecessary but has many adverse effects on diet, the environment, and animal welfare. Valentina began eliminating meat from her diet at age twenty and dedicating research to finding nutritional alternatives to meat products.

Her studies in biology and nutrition led her to pursue algae as an alternative source of protein. Valentina’s vision for Green Farm, came from her desire to bring easy to grow, protein rich food sources to the global market.



The Green Farm Team

Danu Spirulina - Coming Spring 2020

Danu Spirulina products are hydroponically cultivated in beautiful state of California. We harvest in small batches to offer you both an artisan experience and the highest quality Spirulina so all our customers thrive.

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