Spirulina At Home

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The Benefits of

Fresh Spirulina

  • No certainty about Quality
  • No traceability
  • Loss of vitamins after drying
  • Bad Smell or taste
  • Heavy metals contamination
  • 100% Fresh and Pure Product
  • 100% Vitamins Integrity
  • 100% Antioxidant Activity
  • Pleasant Tasting
  • No Contaminants & 100% Heavy Metal Free



The first Fully Automatic Home Appliance to Grow Spirulina



Growing Algae at home has never been so easy and time saving. 

Fully Automated

No green thumb, no problem, Spirugrow provides light, CO2 and nutrients, which contribute towards the building up of right environment for the growing algae.

User Friendly

Spirugrow is very easy to handle and low-mainteneance. Simply pull out the glass tank and wash it. Replace the salts and CO2 bottles as per need and that’s it. We care for your time.

University Tested

Spirugrow has been designed under the technical advisory of Mario Tredici, award winning full Professor of Microbial Biotechnology at the University of Florence.

Control Costs

Specific storage requirements and a shelf life of only 24 hours drives up the price of fresh Spirulina. Spirugrow offers the convenience of daily fresh Spirulina and a lifetime of savings.

Danu Spirulina - Coming Spring 2020

Danu Spirulina products are hydroponically cultivated in beautiful state of California. We harvest in small batches to offer you both an artisan experience and the highest quality Spirulina so all our customers thrive.