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We envision a world that is clean, informed and well nourished. Spirulina, an ancient cyanobacteria, elegantly illustrates the power of simplicity. Cultivating this nutrient dense organism with a multiplicity of health and ecological benefits makes our job a joy and a blessing. Green Farm, LLC consists of a team of empowered individuals with a shared purpose: to use our skills and abilities to bring the nutritional, environmental, philosophical and social  benefits of Spirulina to the mouths and hearts of conscious consumers. Our dream is to nourish local communities while co-creating a global movement made of healthy and aware individuals.

Green Farm is located in the gorgeous and tranquil seaside community of Half Moon Bay, California. A rural coastal environment located just south of San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is a unique place nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It’s majestic cliffs are home to a variety of flora and fauna with a diversity of micro climates elegantly dispersed across the landscape. Exquisite beaches and stellar surf offer ecotourists and locals alike meaningful and memorable experiences grounded in a shared appreciation for natural beauty.

Our Inspiration

Danu Products

At Green Farm, LLC our purpose and products are inspired by the archaic triple goddess Danu. Though her origin is shrouded in mystery, her presence is cross-culturally pervasive and breaths life into our collective vision for a healthy world. Some ascribe her origin to Celtic or Vedic roots, but deep-time analysis is required to truly understand her symbolic power. She represents totality and emcompasses all stages of life – the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. For the seeker of mythological truths, her elemental and primal nature exquisitely represents what Spirulina means to Green Farm, LLC.  An earth energy typically associated with rivers and water, she represents fertility and the natural overflowing abundance of the land to always to provide us with what we need in its most efficient form. The sacred waters our Spirulina cultures thrive in nurture our mission to bring strength, health and vitality to our customers.

We look forward to offering you a reliable and quality way to incorporate Danu Spirulina products into your lifestyle and diet. Green Farm is always working to develop new interesting and tasty ways to offer you nutrient dense products!

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About Us

New Imagined Futures


People who integrate Spirulina into their life are aware of the profound improvements it brings to the physical body. The potential for individual and collective health that can be reached through Spirulina is inspiring. It is our goal to ignite the fire of potentiality in all our consumers.


Spirulina has been a consumed across time and space for millenia. Being one of the most nutritient dense foods, it is an efficient plant based protein source containing all the essential and nonessential amino acids, vitamins and minerals the human orgnamism requires for optimal wellbeing. Spirulina's nutrient profile is highly bioavailable and can easily be incorporated into any diet or lifestyle.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality Spirulina to our local community and beyond. Consistent lab analysis of our water source ensures the purity of product and cultivation practices. As conscious producers of high quality food and culture, we strive to expand the local food market as well as the global Spirulina industry through the integration to our Agriculture System and our passion to share it with others.

CCOF Organic Spirulina Certification - Coming Fall 2019

At Greenfarm LLC we cultivate the highest quality spirulina. We are working alongside the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) to further refine our cultivation practices to meet organic industry standards.